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Private Lessons

Please peruse our offerings. If you are interested in studying some aspect of flamenco that has not been listed or if you are looking for more personalized classes, contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

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Flamenco Guitar

We offer individual guitar classes for students of all levels. The classes are one hour in length. Focusing on lessons for the guitarist on how to accompany the singing "cante" and dancing "baile" together.

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Flamenco Singing

This class includes a flamenco singer and flamenco guitar. The student will learn the singing first and then practice with a guitarist.

  • Tecnicas de canto y colocación de la voz

  • Exercises to learn how to create the flamenco “melisma”

  • Differentiate and sing  different flamenco styles

  • Compass and rhythm using palmas.

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Castanetes Percussion

We offer private castanet lessons. We use the Maleras Method to teach the technique of the castanets percussion instrument. With this method, you can develop a technique to read music and accompany your favorite songs. You will also learn how to accompany Flamenco songs as well as dance.


*If you are interested in offering workshops, contact us for more details. 


Flamencology & 
The History of Flamenco

The Flamenco Workshop offers courses in flamencology and and the history of flamenco. These courses are set up to educate the novices as well as the experienced flamenco aficionado in the history of flamenco, especially the cante.

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